Protecting & Sustaining Agricultural Innovators

Our nation’s food supply is a vital part of America, and of the Pacific Northwest. Our attorneys know how to support our agricultural and food industry clients and get you back to work while we handle the government regulation, compliance, and special interest litigation that threaten producers every day. Whether you face an NPDES permitting issue, an alleged Clean Air Act violation, or questions about the permissible use of drones, we have the knowledge, experience, and depth to fight for your rights, and implement solutions.

Marten advises clients on strategic regulatory and government enforcement matters across the full spectrum of issues that affect agribusiness. In addition to traditional issues, these include biotech innovation, real estate and land use, toxic waste, artificial intelligence applications, and others. Our team is composed of experienced former government lawyers with an insider’s perspective on the regulatory process, as well as experienced trial and appellate lawyers. Together, we challenge government enforcers in court, defend actions by special interests against food producers and farmers, advise businesses and individuals facing permitting obstacles, notices of violation (NOVs), and compliance issues. Our attorneys handle negotiations, mediations, and rulemakings with a wide array of state and federal agencies.

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