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With climate change and renewables coming to the forefront of public attention, Marten Law, long a leader in environmental law, has grown in size and national prominence. Today, the firm’s environmental practice is among the largest and most diversified in the country. The firm handles transactions and litigation comparable to the size and complexity of the environmental work done at the largest national firms.

Well known nationally through its publication of a newsletter reaching over 35,000 readers, and having worked on some of the country’s largest environmental law cases and transactions over the past 20 years, the firm counts among its clients household names in the energy, manufacturing, retail, forestry, mining, real estate, food, and technology sectors. The firm represents the developers or operators of one of the largest wind farms in the country, one of the largest gold mines in the nation, one of the largest dam removals in the country, and one of world’s largest private timberland owners. Increasingly, it has provided regulatory advice and litigation support to private and public entities addressing PFAS contamination in their products, property, and water supplies.

Recent work for the tech sector keeps the firm at the forefront of emerging issues in environmental law, including the deployment of electric vehicles and electric charging stations.

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Started in 2005 with over 900 articles published to date, Marten Law News is an environmental and energy law publication that is entirely written by Marten attorneys. Marten Law News provides over 35,000 subscribers with up to date, in-depth analysis on the most recent environmental and energy law and policy news on a local and national scale. For more information on Marten Law News, please contact the Newsletter Editor, Lawson Fite.

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