Be Uncompromising

Marten is always interested in speaking with talented litigators, regulatory experts, former leaders in government, experienced transactional lawyers, and experts in energy, environmental, transportation, GreenTech, and related disciplines. Our approach to hiring aligns with our client service philosophy: attract the very best in their fields, so as to handle clients’ most challenging issues.

Our team is composed of accomplished lawyers who could work anywhere (and have)—from Big Law, to the C-Suite, to the senior ranks of government. Each brings a proven track record and the strong conviction that small, nimble, and efficient teams are the key to achieving superior results at reasonable cost. We are currently expanding our ranks through highly selective lateral hiring, our law school Summer Program, and the recruitment of 3L candidates with superior records and demonstrated interest in our areas of practice.

Hire Fast Runners, Work As “One Firm”

Each member of the Marten team is driven, ambitious, and results oriented, with an innate curiosity and commitment to excellence that is on display in every aspect of their professional lives. We don’t like to lose, and we never settle for “good enough.” That said, we prize collaboration. Our clients know that when they hire Marten, every single one of us is at their service, 24-7.

Grant Early Responsibility, Drive Rapid Advancement

We believe that performance must always drive work allocation, and there are no artificial timelines for raises or promotion. We attract and retain top-flight lawyers by offering them an opportunity to climb as high and as fast as their talents and hard work can take them—including first- and second-chair roles on some of the most challenging matters in our practice areas. Candidates should review the "Services" section of this website, and the “Representative Matters” portion of our lawyers’ biographies, for a sampling of the work we do.

Our lawyers practice at the leading edge of their fields, speaking and writing frequently on a wide array of topics, and we expect those we hire to do the same.

Promote Diversity

In our increasingly global profession, a team of lawyers can never be at its best without a robust and sustained commitment to diversity and inclusion. Marten is passionate about the importance of recruiting talented professionals from the widest possible range of backgrounds. This is more than rhetoric. Like many firms, we have not yet met our own goals, and merely trying without succeeding is not enough. We encourage diverse applicants to reach out to any of our lawyers at any time. Only by coming together as one firm, with diverse perspectives unified by a shared mission, can we service our clients best. Marten is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate based upon race, religion, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or marital status.

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