Acquiring & Protecting Valuable Water Rights & Resources

Competing and increasing demands are being placed upon a limited water supply by cities, industry, farms, tribes, recreation, fish, and wildlife. While water in Pacific Northwest rivers, streams, and aquifers may seem plentiful, current and projected uses here and in many other parts of the country mean that adequate water supplies will be difficult to maintain. In this resource-constrained environment, we help our clients navigate through water controversies involving in-stream flows for endangered species, federal and tribal reserved rights, and water needed to support alternative energy projects.

Marten’s water law team helps a broad range clients—including landowners, agricultural and industrial businesses, developers, water suppliers, governments, and lenders—avoid, manage, and resolve complex disputes over rights to surface and groundwater resources. We have successfully handled challenges to water rights before administrative hearings boards and in court. Marten can identify, analyze, and implement the plans clients need to obtain, use, and preserve water sufficient to meet their needs—whether by water contracts, watershed planning, general stream adjudication, water right litigation, well licensing, mitigation, or municipal water system development.


  • Water Right Acquisitions, Changes, Transfers, Leases, and Trusts
  • Water Audits and Appraisals
  • Endangered Species Act Analysis, Audits, and Compliance
  • Federal Reserved and Tribal Rights
  • Water Rights Litigation and Adjudication
  • Mitigation
  • Bureau of Reclamation Water Contracts
  • Municipal Water System Development
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Takings Claims
  • Water Well Permits
  • Irrigation Issues
  • Dams, Reservoirs, and Hydroelectric Operations
  • Watershed Planning

Helping businesses navigate a changing environment—from high-stakes litigation, to government action, to strategic infrastructure & tech deals.

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