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The Marten Difference

Tenacious Advocates, Nimble Teams

From high-stakes trial litigation, to complex infrastructure and technology deals, to strategic regulatory advice, government investigations, and crisis management, Marten lawyers harness knowledge across multiple legal disciplines to provide a winning perspective for our clients’ most challenging and sophisticated matters.

West Coast Roots, Nationwide Record
“Nationally recognized litigators, crisis managers, and strategic regulatory advisors known for tenacious and cost-effective pursuit of successful outcomes for their clients.”

Marten Client
In fight terms, Marten is light on their feet with a good jab to keep the defendants at bay when we want to and, more importantly, an ability to pounce and throw devastating combinations in close-- two punishing body blows followed by a right hook and an immediate uppercut. Methodically dismantling them piece by piece.

City of Las Cruces, New Mexico
“Better than anyone else in town.”

Marten Client
“.… enjoys the healthy respect of peers and works well with regulatory authorities.”

Marten Client
“With a new generation of leaders attracting top government talent from EPA and the White House, Brad Marten’s shop is poised to surge ahead of its more costly, big firm competitors.”

Marten Client
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