Managing Crisis Response

Marten is ready to intervene at the earliest stages of an emergency, taking all necessary and appropriate steps to mitigate a business and high-profile executive’s risk exposure, from property damage, to reputational harm, to legal liabilities, and the chance of civil or criminal enforcement by government agencies or Congress.

Our experience spans major oil spills, waste water releases, drinking water crises, ethics violations by government officials, employee sexual misconduct, criminal fraud matters, federal regulatory investigations in the areas of restricted products and air quality, and high-profile congressional oversight and hearings—all under intense media scrutiny and continual threat of parallel and follow-on enforcement.

Our clients recognize that concrete results are what satisfy their stakeholders and corporate boards. We devise and implement rapid response, loss prevention, media strategy, legislative engagement, brand protection, and litigation defense. We protect and guide clients under the crosshairs, managing all facets of their case. We play defense where necessary, go on the offensive where appropriate, and stay by your side until the storm has passed.


  • Emergency/Disaster Response
  • Toxic Chemical Releases
  • Environment, Health, and Safety Accidents
  • Oil Spills
  • Privacy and Data Security Breach Response
  • Congressional Investigations and Hearings
  • Media Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Reputation and Brand Protection/Recovery
  • State AG and Federal Agency Oversight and Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement Coordination
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