We help clients in multiple sectors navigate regulations, permitting, compliance, enforcement, & litigation involving the complex, overlapping web of state & federal air quality standards

Marten's air team includes former senior regulatory officials from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Office of Management and Budget who have personally overseen hundreds of nationally significant air quality and climate resilience initiatives. They are particularly effective at helping private companies comply with complex regulations because they helped write them. In their prior government roles, our lawyers drafted regulations; led interagency policy, legal, and cost-benefit vetting efforts; reviewed and responded to public comment; addressed agency-wide media inquiries; managed congressional oversight scrutiny; and directed and coordinated the legal defense of these rules with U.S. DOJ and sibling agencies.

Marten represents clients in a wide range of business sectors, including aerospace, on-line retail, energy and waste management. Our clients include some of the largest companies in the country.

We understand the geopolitical factors driving global volatility in our clients’ industries and supply chains; the regulatory burdens they face when developing or expanding facilities, including permit acquisition and defense; and the need for effective public policy advocacy and compliance assurance. Our approaches are proven to work. We have helped clients interpret and evaluate new source performance standards and other technology standards; manage ambient air quality and visibility impacts; obtain construction and operating permits, as well as amendments for new projects and modifications to existing facilities; navigate emissions market-based programs, such as California’s cap and trade program and the EU emissions trading system (ETS); and strategically position for emerging GHG control regimes.

Marten also partners with the Regulatory Strategies and Solutions Group LLC (RSS), a regulatory strategy and Executive Branch advocacy consulting firm. This partnership amplifies our capabilities with both D.C. relationships and public policy knowledge and experience spanning multiple administrations. Together, we help businesses initiate new or influence existing rulemakings, with industry-wide effects.


  • New source review permitting
  • Title V air operating permits
  • Appeals and variances
  • Compliance counseling
  • Defense of enforcement actions
  • Litigation
  • Mobile sources, fuels and additives, including the Renewable Fuel Standard
  • New Source Performance Standards
  • New Source Review/Prevention of Significant Deterioration
  • Hazardous air pollutants and technology (MACT) and risk-based regulation
  • Ozone-depleting substances regulation and enforcement
  • Restricted products
  • Regulatory surveillance, policy development, strategic planning, and Executive Branch advocacy
  • State Implementation Plans, Federal Implementation Plans, and SIP calls
  • Enforcement defense
  • Congressional oversight
  • Citizen suits related to emissions
  • Emerging GHG regulations
  • Emissions trading and averaging

    Helping businesses navigate a changing environment—from high-stakes litigation, to government action, to strategic infrastructure & tech deals.

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