Bill leads operations, finance, technology, human resources and risk management across Marten’s four offices. Other than legal matters, Bill is involved in almost every aspect of day-to-day operations and is immersed organizational strategic planning and project implementation.

Bill is an executive leader with a career of accomplishment working for customer-centric, professional, service & technology companies. He has a proven track record in the areas of corporate combinations, strategy, strategic project design, development and implementation, operational leadership, metrics and process improvement, people management, as well as finance, budgeting, and asset management. Bill brings together leaders from across an organization to work in concert in achieving the objectives of the organization.

Bill leads executive-level teams responsible for the design, development, and implementation of high-value-added services as well as the transformation of processes and methods and the implementation of innovative technologies to improve client satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Bill works closely with executive-level client stakeholders and brings their feedback to the senior management team to ensure the organization responds rapidly to improve service quality and to ensure operational performance exceeds client expectations.

Bill is experienced in working with executive teams in corporate strategic implementations of complex financial projects including mergers and acquisitions.

Areas of Focus

  • Mergers and Acquisitions – primary operations representative in support of negotiation and implementation of combinations for Fortune 500 public entities taking advantage of industry structural changes, customer expectations, technological innovation and shifts in regulatory regimes
  • Strategic Project Implementation - ensures timely design, development, testing, and implementation of high-value products and services, operations improvement programs, and innovative technology solutions driving client/customer satisfaction and organizational effectiveness
  • Management and Operations – manages and directs cross-functional leadership teams ensuring close cooperation throughout the organization to achieve organizational goals
  • Finance, Budgeting, and Asset Management – ensures organizational leaders have timely information to support strategic decision making, as well as physical infrastructure to ensure organizational success
  • Recruiting and People Management, Employee Relations, and Benefits – long tenure of hiring, managing and promoting team members to maximize individual contributions to organization mission and vision
Academic Background

  • Bill earned his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Washington graduating with honors.
  • Bill received Bachelor of Arts (International Relations), Bachelor of Science (Industrial Engineering) and Master of Arts (International Policy Studies) degrees from Stanford University.
  • Bill participated in the Kruppe International Internship Program, studying in Berlin and working for Klockner Ina GmbH near Cologne Germany.
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