Effectively Navigating the Digital World for Old & New Companies Alike

In our increasingly digital world, Marten’s traditional energy and natural resources clients—as well as our Greentech, transportation (micromobility, electric vehicle, etc.), and internet company clients—are increasingly exposed to privacy, data protection, and information security risks. They also face issues arising from the analysis, collection, and use of large data sets generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging digital industrial technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications. 

Our lawyers are dedicated to serving as trusted advisers and defenders of these companies, helping them navigate the changing domestic and global regulatory landscapes in which they do business. These issues have become not only a risk-management priority but a competitive imperative. Marten offers an interdisciplinary approach. We handle compliance and regulatory counseling, legislative and policy developments and sector-specific counseling, internal and government investigations, crisis response and strategic communications, congressional oversight, and litigation. Whether developing and implementing data protection programs, counseling on tort duties to warn, advising on supply chain management, or addressing inquiries from state Attorneys General regarding the use of data from their products, Marten’s lawyers are prepared to help.

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