Guiding prospective government officials through all stages of the executive appointment & confirmation processes, from vetting to financial disclosure to Senate hearings

Our team includes the former Designated Agency Ethics Officer—government code for “Chief Ethics Officer”—at the White House Office of Management and Budget, the largest cabinet agency in the Executive Office of the President. With appointments becoming increasingly complicated and politically charged, government service presents real dangers for individuals with complex investment portfolios or customized employee benefit arrangements with their private employers. Especially in the energy and environmental community, where technical expertise and industry knowledge can be essential to balance policy making, we believe it is essential to help individuals overcome such barriers to service. We can negotiate the terms of financial disclosure, divestiture, waivers, and recusals with the White House Counsel’s Office and the Office of Government Ethics; advise on requirements for appointees and nominees; run preventative opposition research; help with security clearance and Senate committee vetting questionnaires; and prepare for nominees for their committee interviews and hearings. Likewise, we provide expert guidance on financial disclosure under the STOCK Act, restrictions partisan political activities, outside employment, post-employment (“revolving door”) restrictions, and many others.


  • Vetting and Opposition Research
  • Public Financial Disclosure
  • Standards of Conduct for Executive Branch Employees
  • Senate confirmation hearings
  • Lobbying/contact with lobbyists
  • Outside employment
  • Post-employment
  • Seeking employment
  • Recusal and screening agreements
  • Divestitures
  • Partisan political activities

Helping businesses navigate a changing environment—from high-stakes litigation, to government action, to strategic infrastructure & tech deals.

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