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Representative Experience

Ford Motor Company: Recovery of Insurance Payments Under CERCLA

Marten Law represents Ford Motor Company in connection with a complex environmental cost recovery and insurance subrogation case involving a former aeronautical manufacturing facility in Palo Alto, California. In 2011, the U.S. More

Golden Heritage Foods

We represent Golden Heritage Foods, a major U.S. processor and packager of retail honey products, in connection with a private enforcement action brought under California’s Proposition 65 toxics enforcement and notification law. More

Hawaii Forest Products: Permitting and Litigation

We represented a client who had provided a $30 million loan to finance the permitting, planning, and operation of a sustainable Koa harvesting operation on the Big Island in Hawaii. After the borrower failed in its first attempt to obtain environmental permits, the project was placed in jeopardy and, without the permits to allow harvesting, default on the loans was likely. More

Hoyt Street Yards: Railyard to Urban Neighborhood

For 15 years, RIchard Allan has worked with Hoyt Street Properties, LLC, the developer that is transforming a former railyard into a high-density residential and commercial neighborhood and the focal point of Portland’s renowned Pearl District. More

International Transportation Company: Stormwater Citizen Suit Defense

Marten Law represented an international transportation corporation in five inter-related federal citizen suits under the Clean Water Act (CWA). More