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Representative Experience

Alaska Seafood Cooperative: Endangered Species Act Fishing Regulations Related to Steller Sea Lions

Marten Law represents Seattle-based fishing companies, Adak Community Development Association and Aleut Corporation in litigation defending the re-opening of the Aleutian Islands to cod and mackerel fishing. More

Alcoa Inc.: Cleanup of Former Aluminum Smelter Site

We assist Alcoa in cleaning up the sites of closed World War II-era aluminum smelters located on the Columbia River. Cleanup activities at both sites include capping impacted river sediments, as well as the cleanup of groundwater, with an eye to the successful redevelopment of the property for modern industrial uses. More

Alliance for Responsible Neighborhood Planning (ARNP)

The firm represented ARNP, a private citizen group based in Hillsborough, California, in state court litigation challenging a local school redevelopment project under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Construction of the project was preliminarily enjoined, resulting in a favorable settlement requiring the reconfiguration of key elements of the project’s design. More

ASARCO LLC: Largest Environmental Bankruptcy in U.S. History

We defended this former mining and smelting company in the first evidentiary estimation hearing in connection with the largest environmental bankruptcy case in United States history. The hearing, at the U.S. More

Barkman Honey, LLC

The firm has represented Barkman Honey, LLC, an international processor and packager of honey and other natural sweeteners, in connection with compliance and enforcement actions under California’s Proposition 65 toxics enforcement and notification law. More