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Middle Fork Irrigation District (MFID): Fisheries Management Plan

Compliance with MFID’s Special Use Permit from the United States Forest Service evolved into an informal ESA consultation focusing on threatened Bull Trout, and other species, in the Districts’ Laurance Lake reservoir and tributaries. The development over the last several years of a Fisheries Management Plan (FMP) has resulted in a unique collaboration with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and all relevant federal and State resource agencies to address water quality, water quantity, habitat, and other fisheries needs, and to ensure the district’s operations were compatible with those needs.

Doug MacDougal helped put together the consultant team for the negotiations, advised the district throughout the process, and took on the task of drafting the final FMP incorporating the consensus of the participants on all of the relevant issues.

After six years of effort, the FMP was finally completed in the Spring of 2010. It contains an adaptive management process for ongoing studies and decision-making in the watershed; it will serve as a platform to facilitate compliance with specific ESA consultations on future projects; and it is planned as the basis of the district’s sought-for green-hydropower certification.