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City of Ephrata: Landfill Investigation and Remediation

The City of Ephrata owned and operated what is now the Grant County landfill from the 1940’s until the 1970’s, when it transferred operations and eventually ownership of the landfill to Grant County. After the City of Ephrata was named as a potentially liable party with respect to the landfill cleanup by the Washington State Department of Ecology, we were hired by the City to help negotiate an Agreed Order and then manage the initial investigation and remediation of the Grant County Landfill.

Some of the initial remediation involved the removal and disposal of more than 2500 drums of industrial waste placed at the landfill by Grant County, as well as an installation landfill cap, landfill gas management system, addressing DNAPL and LNAPL at the site, and the characterization and remediation of any off-site contamination, all of which is currently ongoing. In addition to managing the project for the City, we have secured insurance coverage for the City which is funding the majority of the current investigation.